Let’s talk about your projects and aspirations and how to finance them. As an individual, you have specific needs, circumstances and constraints. We are used to dealing with them.


Asset finance

Asset finance

Loan against a residential or commercial property, an aircraft, a yacht or art works, in any country in the world, in order to finance its acquisition, refinance an existing loan, release equity for cash needs or reinvest with the bank for diversification purposes.

Portfolio finance

Portfolio finance

Borrow against a well diversified or concentrated portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, alternative funds, life insurance, incoming guarantees in developed or emerging markets to meet a cash needs (Lombard) or to leverage a position (Leverage)



FX, swaps, options and futures in order to hedge your positions or speculate on market trends.



Temporary cash needs with no collateral available but reliance on individual credit-worthiness and clearly identified source of repayment.

Whatever your need be, Swiss Private Finance firmly stands by your side all along the process. We have a long track record of helping clients achieve their financial goals.


Best lender

Lender selection

Based on your specific needs and requirements, we approach the lenders which have the ability to meet them and we find the right one for you.

Best terms

Terms negotiation

We negotiate with them in order to achieve the best possible terms (such as LTV, pricing, tenor, collateral or covenants)

Best process

Process smoothing

We work closely with the bank you selected in order to understand their needs in terms of information and financial disclosure, facilitate and accelerate the various stages of the process as much as possible.

Best documentation

Documentation review

We carefully examine and advise on the legal documentation, in liaison with your lawyers, with the goal to give you guidance of the terms and ensure it does not contain any onerous terms.

After drawdown, if required, we can continue to assist by monitoring the loan on your behalf: reminders regarding covenants and undertakings, provision of relevant update and information to the bank, renegotiation of certain terms if possible.

If the loan is sizeable, we are in a position to organize and lead a bank pool.

Do not hesitate to contact us so we can assess feasibility of your request and provide the proper level of advice.